Posted by: corwinsr | January 15, 2010

Alternate Future

I wrote this about two weeks before the election of November 2008 when I was particularly angry at the level of outright lies that were flying around.

After November 4th, when McCain is selected to be the nation’s 44th president, there will be 11 weeks for Americans to prepare for this presidency.

For the next four years after January 20th 2009, the following things happened:

America attacked Iran while staying stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan indefinitely. The American economy and world economy continued in a global recession. Healthcare reform and Energy diversification arrived still-born thanks to the massive financial influence of multinational pharmaceuticals and oil companies.

The national debt increased as trillions were pumped overseas to support the eternal war on terror.

After the Wall Street bailout, Washington realized that home mortgages also needed rescuing to prevent a complete depression and continued its transition to a socialist-democracy by buying up bad home loans.

The lines of class warfare became more clearly defined thanks to the universal media message of fear as a motivator for all things. Fear of being fat, fear of being ugly, fear of being robbed, fear of war, disease, poverty, boredom, getting older, etc. Fear of anything that helps define “us” vs. “them”.

Distrust and disgust with government increased to the level of non-participation by the general public, leaving everyone at the mercy of whatever Washington wants to do – which was the intent.

America declined from being an economic giant as the global recession evened the financial playing field.

America’s dominance as a super-power diminished as the military was stretched beyond its capacity to effectively deal with any new threat.

The United States was increasingly “not invited” to world meetings due to its irrelevance.

There were continuous meetings where global treaties were signed and ratified on everything from trade and environmental negotiations to peace agreements and humanitarian efforts – whether the U.S. participated or not.

My son grew up in a country increasingly divided by class, divided by wealth, divided by healthcare, divided by education, divided by religion, divided by Washington.

This is the America I see happening if our nation chooses the path decided by fear.


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